Madison / Wade / Holly

All About Madison

Here I go about the dog again… While I was studying all Friday night, Wade taught Madison a new trick. She will now play dead. She doesn’t have it down perfectly, but it is hilarious to watch. She sees the treat in your hand and wants it so bad that she doesn’t listen. She goes to her pillow (where she often gets a treat) or sits or lays. Eventually it sinks in that the new words mean lay on your back.

While I was in class all day Saturday, Wade met me for lunch and brought Madison. We ate outside at SA (my work), which has a nice lake and trail. There are also a bunch of Canadian Geese. It took Madison a while to notice them, but she swam out to the middle of the lake after them. We’ve never seen her voluntarily get in the water, especially past where she can stand up. Maybe she is a bird dog! She kept swimming out, then coming back to us, and then jumping back into the lake. It was hilarious. I’m sure glad she had to ride home in Wade’s car!

I used to say we had a dog that never barked or growled. She whines occasionally, but that is about it. I may have to change my statement. Lately Madison seems aware of everything and feels compelled to let us know. She woke me up three times last week growling at something outside. (Did she get off the bed to check it out? No.) Then she barked Friday to let us know the delivery man had arrived. I’m not sure if she is just more aware now or what.

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