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Another One Bites the Dust

Wade, Madison, and I arrived in Paducah late Thursday night. The wedding festivities began early Friday morning – if you count going to have my dress altered. Then I ran my few errands for the weekend – a trip to the used bookstore and a stop to get my immunization records. Our old next door neighbors – The Haughs (Dabney, Leland, and Mary Marshall) hosted Melissa’s bridesmaid luncheon. Then we were on to the church for the rehearsal and then the fun began!

The rehearsal dinner was similar to our’s last year – it was outside at my dad’s with BBQ and a bluegrass band. What a great time! I even got to do some of my country jitterbug with Matt Hodges (my old partner from D.C.) Matt and I both hadn’t danced since my wedding last year, but we got most of the moves. The pull-the-shades was the one we never got – darn it.

Saturday was all day crazy. I had one last dress fitting and then I spent five hours at the beauty shop with the other girls. Melissa’s pictures were being taken at mom’s house so I rushed home for the pictures. Then we all rushed to the church for some more pictures and then some waiting. Finally we walked down the aisle and they said “I do.”

The reception was lots of fun – there was a chocolate fountain! My goal at this reception (as opposed to mine) was to dance and eat and do some visiting. It worked out just about right.

My M&M story – we realized that Tyler and Katrina (my little cousins) were a little apprehensive about pictures and walking down the aisle. However, they perked up and did as asked for an M&M. I had some M&M’s waiting at the end of the aisle for the flower girls and the best man had some in his pockets for Tyler. During the first prayer, I heard scuffling and realized the girls were helping themselves to all of the M&Ms left on the altar. Wish I had grabbed a few!

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