Madison / Wade / Toadfrogs

She’s Back

Friday night, Wade and I went out with Jamie and her new boy. I long ago told Jamie my only requirement for the guy she dates is that he like to play cards. You wouldn’t think it would be hard to come up with two other people, but it is. We always have three or five – never four. We did play cards after dinner, and it was Dan’s first time at Spades. He did pretty well, but Jamie and Wade still beat us.

Saturday, Wade and I spent most of the day in the car. We drove to Cullman, AL to meet his parents for lunch. (The main reason for the trip being the return of Madison.) Madison looked a little skinny and had stitches on her tummy, but she was as hyper as ever. The bad part is she can’t have a bath till Friday (she normally gets one every couple of days). Wade’s dad also told us she has fleas. Yuck.

Sunday, I had to play putt putt for the Gwinnett Corporate Challenge with a couple of people from SA. I managed to get 3 hole-in-ones and the third worst score – go me. Then Wade and I did the cleaning and fogging that went with getting rid of fleas. That also meant we had to leave the house for a few hours. We ordered some pizza from Mellow Mushroom (I am in withdrawal) and headed for Piedmont Park. I love watching Madison in the dog park. She isn’t sure about the big dogs and there was a Great Dane there tonight. It slobbered all over her and she jumped up into my arms. There were some Australian shepherds and Chihuahuas she liked playing with.

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