Little Polka Dot Bikini

I suddenly realized that my sister’s wedding was only a few weeks away. In most aspects, this is great, except that I have to wear a strapless bridesmaid dress. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, but the whole summer I have been getting a tan wearing my bathing suits, which have straps. Now I suddenly need the strap marks gone and to do that – I need a new bathing suit. I hate bathing suit shopping. It always takes forever, and then the suits are overly expensive. I decided I only needed this bathing suit for a few weeks so it didn’t have to be cute. I wanted a cheap one so I decided to do my shopping at Wal-Mart. The only thing I forgot in my master plan was the fact that it was late August and most stores are trying to get rid of their swim suits. There were two racks of suits, and each piece was only $5. I ended up with a neon orange top and neon yellow bottoms. Talk about eye catching! Amazingly, the suit actually fits really well – if only the colors didn’t scream 1980’s.

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