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With my new job came a new health insurance plan, which means a new doctor. I hate looking for doctors and dentists. I guess when you grow up in a midsize town and your mom is a nurse, you end up with a great doctor. It’s a little harder to pick one by their name on a list. My general theory has been that younger, female doctors tend to be more personable and down to earth. (I am still waiting for this to be proven true.)

That theory was shot down (again) a few weeks ago. I needed to find a new dermatologist. The woman I found was only about 5 years older than me – perfect I thought. This lady was horrible. I got lecture upon lecture. I was just answering her questions – I wasn’t causing any trouble.

Most of the appointment was her asking questions and not really listening to my answers. My favorite was when she asked what I used to wash my face. The last two dermatologists I have visited in the past 10 years have been adamant about using Dove soap. Hence, that’s what I have done. This lady gives me a super long lecture on why not to use it. (I would have gladly done what she preferred. All she had to do was tell me.)

Now comes the funny part. As I am walking out of the office, I am given a goody bag. There were only two items inside, and one was a sample bar of Dove soap.

  1. That is priceless… I too hate looking for doctors and dentists. Almost as much as I hate going to them once I find them… As an aside, I’m really bored at work today and I think my mind has already started vacation. See you at the beach on Saturday…

  2. I went ahead and packed yesterday. I can’t wait to leave for the beach!
    ~ Holly

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