I’m a Freakin’ Genius

My goal for this fall is to take an EMT certification class (you know, the ambulance people). Wade is going to be gone during the week, and there is a technical college literally next door to my office. Even better is that the college offers a night course. Being the slacker that I am, I didn’t turn in my application until July 20th and they were of course due by July 30th. I checked the status online and it turns out I have to take an entrance exam (This of course is listed no where on their website). Only an SAT score within the last 5 years would satisfy the requirement. This led me to believe the test was an SAT type test. Now the SAT isn’t that bad, but some of the math I knew I’d need a refresher for.

Well, I downloaded some sample questions and brushed up on my math skills – I don’t really ever use geometry or trig anymore. Then I took time off work to take this untimed test. I almost laughed out loud in the testing center. The reading comprehension was several 3 paragraph essays with 3 questions. And these weren’t thought provoking questions. These questions were directly taken from the essay and if you didn’t know the answer, it didn’t take long to reread the right paragraph. The second section of the test was writing skills. I was given 3 more paragraphs and had to find the grammatical errors. There were multiple choice answers which would contain double negatives, mixed verb tenses, etc. Once again, cake. Then I get to the math section. It was entirely prealgebra with questions such as if Sue is going this fast and Jane is going that fast, when do they meet. It took a little longer, but no big deal.

Because the test is computerized, I was supposed to wait for my results. This woman comes in with a huge smile on her face and tells me I scored perfect in every section. Then she says “You don’t look surprised.” What do I say to that? Do I make fun of their test? It’s obvious they don’t get many people scoring that well – which kind of makes me wonder what kind of people take classes at their college….. Before I got out of the building, I had 4 women working in the department come congratulate me on my score – hmm.

  1. Better watch how you use the word ‘literally’, Holly. Rob S. has a real bug up his ass about it (rightfully so, in my opinion) and might question its use here.
    Always looking out for your best interests…

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