“C” “C” “C”

The “c” key has broken on my laptop. In the beginning, it would pop off at random times and nicely pop back in. Now the plastic prongs are broken and it will stay for about one click before becoming tangled under the other keys. I hadn’t realized how much a missing key throws off my typing. Even when not using it, my fingers feel odd. There is a hole with a small round nub where there should be a nice flat, plastic key.

Replacement keys are a little difficult to find. A whole keyboard is a couple hundred dollars, and that seems a little absurd when mine works fine now, just not like I like. Then I checked eBay. I love eBay. There is a nice man selling keyboard keys for Sony Vaio Laptops. $7 seems a little steep for one key, but it is a small price to pay for the fixing of my keyboard. Now, I just hope the mailman brings it soon…

(No, I didn’t type this on my laptop, then I would have not used words containing the letter “c”.)

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