Madison / Wade / Toadfrogs

A Walk in the Park

Wade and I recently decided we had too much down time. I would come home from work, and he would want to go out. It would take us forever to figure out what we wanted to do. By then, nothing was open. Then, Wade came up with a great idea. We made a list of random activities and put them in a jar. We pull one out and then know what we are going to do on our next free night.

Our first activity was a trip to Centennial Park. I love the water and music show. Of course, with our luck, that particular fountain was closed for repairs. Instead, we played around with Madison. We are working with her in the hope that she will eventually sit calmly and meet new people. Right now she gets super excited and jumps and nips. This makes it a little difficult for little kids to come meet the cute puppy.

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