Madison / Holly / Toadfrogs

Woof Woof

This past Christmas, Wade gave me an IOU for the dog of my choice. Wade’s dad is a vet and we decided to take his advice and look for a Brittany Spaniel. I quickly decided I wanted a liver and white – I personally call it chocolate and white – Brittany. Wade’s dad also suggested we wait till it was warm outside so that house training wasn’t miserable for us. That was excellent advice. We picked out Madison and brought her home in March.

Since then, Wade and I have become those people that obsess about their dog. As much as we try not to, we find conversations and activities center around Madison. When we decided to go to Birmingham, Alabama for a country concert, we suddenly had to worry about Madison. She couldn’t be left alone for 8 hours in her kennel. Oh well, we have decided Madison is the best dog ever and we’ll just be those people we used to make fun of.

My gallery has random pictures as she grows. Her estimated final weight, according to my veterinarian father-in-law, is about 40 pounds. That’s not really important one way or another except that Madison is a true lap dog. I’m starting to have trouble picking her up as it is.

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